An Uncommon Sight



5 Responses to “An Uncommon Sight”

  1. soybomb Says:

    At this very moment, I honestly believe I’d like to roll around in that lump of snow.
    Every window in the house is hot to the touch.

    Hooray for global warming!

  2. gretchenaro Says:

    I’m so sorry for you and fellow Aussies. Seems like you’ve been chosen to go first.

  3. AnnieM Says:

    Did you travel back in timeto get this photo?

  4. soybomb Says:

    No, that island off Samoa will go first.
    They always celebrate New Year’s first, so…

  5. gretchenaro Says:

    Millenium Island – formerly known as Caroline Island in Kiribati? You think global warming is taking Greenwich Mean Time into account? So we could stand on the western shores of Hawaii and watch the rest of the world go under?

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