Nice Ice, Icy Night


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6 Responses to “Nice Ice, Icy Night”

  1. soybomb Says:

    You get icicles?
    For real?
    On your house?

    I walked through my garden today and smelt the foliage cooking . Smells like bad stir fry.
    What do icicles smell like?;O)

  2. gretchenaro Says:

    Icicles are slick and cold. We had some that could have been used as murder weapons they were so thick. It’s cool to watch them form: watch a little stream come down the ice already hanging there until it comes to one drop at the end which tries to get enough strength to fall off but freezes instead. Great stuff!

  3. soybomb Says:

    I had some of them in my freezer once.
    Even that was a big deal.
    If I had icicles hanging out on my verandah, I would prolly go all silly and name them and worry about them when they started melting.
    It’s all for the best.

    Clair ’s bird, Archie had a stalagmite in his cage, but I think that was just poop.

  4. gretchenaro Says:

    I don’t suppose you’ve ever made a snowman…

  5. soybomb Says:

    Only out of cotton wool.

  6. gretchenaro Says:

    Has it started melting yet?

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