Rockefeller Greenhouse

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Beat Orlando!

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I’m Speechless

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HEK yeah!

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My Ode to the King

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Congratulations LeBron and Cavs’ fans!

neighborhood screams.
called Mom to make sure she was alive,
she’s good,
I mean cause of the game,
“OOOOOOH!”, she exclaims.
I ask who made the shot?
“LeBron!”, she says almost-scolding.
She wants me to watch.
I can’t bear basketball, Mom.
She says something like it’s more than that

or maybe she doesn’t say anything
Go Cleveland Cavaliers!


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I Just Liked It

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At the Cleveland Botanical Gardens

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Riverside Crane

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For Steven

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I once had a friend tell me he had a fantasy version of Cleveland in his head; I knew exactly what he meant.

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Vista Pointe

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